We produce our furniture in a small atelier using ecologically grown wood, which are mainly coming from massive oak and sustainable forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC.  Located at the heart of the Sauerland region in Germany, our main atelier is surrounded by these forests and therefore nestled in the woods. We precociously select each piece of wood by hand, which allows us to say that not one piece is aliketo the other. The design features the wood itself, giving birth to handcrafted and unique objects.

Homegrown Wood, Handmade Furniture, New Scandinavian Design … this is what the Hansen Family is all about.

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The Family

We are a Scandinavian family of carpenters, designers and architects.


Remix, the original collection of The Hansen Family.

Black Remix

A limited edition for Surface to Air.

Trunk Parisien

A collaboration with the french label Kitsuné.

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